Janet Yee, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Department of Biology
Trent University

Chemical Sciences Building
1600 West Bank Drive
Peterborough, ON K9J 7B8

Email: jyee@trentu.ca

Website: www.jyee.ca

Research Interests:

The focus in our laboratory is to study the biology of the protozoan parasite, Giardia intestinalis, by using molecular and biochemical approaches. We have expertise in: gene cloning; purification of DNA, RNA and proteins; genetic transformation by the electroporation method; luciferase gene reporter assay; gel mobility shift assay; RT-qPCR; flow cytometry; immunofluorescence microscopy, and centrifugal counterflow elutriation. Our research includes the study of this parasite’s developmental stages, its regulation of gene expression and its cell cycle. We also have ongoing collaborations to analyze heme proteins and their functions in this parasite. The ultimate goal is to identify unique biological aspects of this parasite that can be exploited to develop improved and more effective treatments for giardiasis and to decrease its transmission.

Giardia, molecular biology, biochemistry, gene expression, transcription.

Recent Publications:
R. Pazdzior, Z. Yang, M. Mesbahuddin, J. Yee, A. van der Est, and S. Rafferty. Low reduction potential cytochrome b5 isotypes of Giardia intestinalis, J. Exp. Parasitol 157: 197-201 (2015).
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S. Alam, J. Yee, M. Couture, S.J. Takayama, W.H. Tseng, A.G. Mauk, and S. Rafferty. Cytochrome
b5 from Giardia lamblia, Metallomics 4: 1255-1261 (2012).
S.W. Roy, A.J. Hudson, J. Joseph, J. Yee, and A.G. Russell. Numerous fragmented spliceosomal introns, AT-AC splicing, and an unusual dynein gene expression pathway in
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J. Yee and J. Joseph. Methods for
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