Manon Simard, M.Sc.
Wildlife Management Director
Eeyou Marine Region Wildlife Board

936 rue des Prairies, apt 213
Québec, QC G1K 8T2

Research Interests:
To continue research on zoonotic diseases and other wildlife diseases with a multidisciplinary team which works in a One Health approach. Food safety, disease ecology, epidemiology and risk analysis of diseases and development of diagnostic techniques adapted to remote communities, training and communication of results to the population are subjects of interest. Zoonoses of interest are Trichinellosis, Toxoplasmosis, Giardiasis, Cryptosporidiasis, Diphyllobothriasis, Rabies and Anisakiasis.

Keywords: Zoonosis, Arctic, Helminths, Protozoans, Inuit.

Recent Publications:

J. Ducrocq, G. Beauchamp, S. Kutz, M. Simard, J. Taillon, S.D. Côté, V. Brodeur, and S. Lair. 2013. Variables associated with
Besnoitia tarandi prevalence and cyst density in barren-ground caribou (Rangifer tarandus) populations. Journal of Wildlife Diseases, 49(1): 29–38.

E.J. Jenkins, L.J. Castrodale, S.J.C. de Rosemond, B. R. Dixon, S. A. Elmore, K. M. Gesy, E.P. Hoberg, L. Polley, J. M. Schurer, M. Simard, R. C. A. Thompson. 2013. Tradition and Transition: Parasitic Zoonoses of People and Animals in Alaska, Northern Canada, and Greenland. In: Rollinson, D. (Ed.), Advances in Parasitology, Academic Press, pp. 33–204.

S. Owens, P. De Wals, G. Egeland, C. Furgal, Y Mao, G.Y. Minuk, P.A. Peters, M. Simard, E. Dewailly. 2012. Public health in the Canadian Arctic: contributions from the International polar Year research. Climatic Change, 115 (1): 250-281.

E. L. Pufall, A. Jones-Bitton, S. A. McEwen, T. M. Brown, V. L. Edge, J. Rokicki, K. Karpiej, A.S. Peregrine, and M. Simard. 2012. Foodborne Pathogens and Disease. Prevalence of Zoonotic Anisakid Nematodes in Inuit-Harvested Fish and Mammals from the Eastern Canadian Arctic. Foodborne Pathogen and Disease. doi:10.1089/fpd.2012.1186.

S. Larrat, M. Simard, S. Lair, D. Belanger and J-F Proulx. 2012. From science to action and from action to science: the Nunavik Trichinellosis Prevention Program. Int J Circumpolar Health 2012, 71: 18595. 1-9.