Evelyne Kokoskin, M.Sc., ART, FCSMLS (D)

Ottawa Public Health Laboratory
Ontario Agency for Health Protection and Promotion
2380 St. Laurent Blvd.
Ottawa, ON K1G 6C4

Email: ekokoskin@rogers.com

Research Interests:
  • Setting up the laboratory operation for the McGill University Centre for Tropical Diseases including blood and tissue parasites, and intestinal parasites.
  • Developing innovative staining techniques.
  • Co-ordinating the blood and tissue parasite QA program in Quebec.
  • Customizing and teaching numerous courses in malaria and general parasitology at all levels, nationally and internationally.

My current interests include environmental parasitology, and techniques to isolate parasites form various samples.

Recent Publications:

Kokoskin, E. 2005. Dépistage du Paludisme, Manuel Pour le Laboratoire D’aujourdhui, ISBN 0-7717-0626-X

Kokoskin, E. 2001. The Malaria Manual for Today’s Laboratory, ISBN 0-7717-0559

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Ndao, M., Bandyayera, E., Kokoskin, E., Diemart, D., Gyorkos, T., MacLean, J.D., St John, R., Ward, B. Malaria “epidemic” in Quebec: diagnosis and response to imported malaria. CMAJ 172(1):46-50, 2005 Jan 4.

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