Dele Ogunremi, DVM, MVetSc, Ph.D.

Research scientist
Canadian Food Inspection Agency
Ottawa Laboratory, Fallowfield
3851 Fallowfield Road, Ottawa K2H 8P9


Research Interests:
My two areas of interests are: molecular typing/sequencing of foodborne pathogens and immunoparasitology. Past work includes broad and specific research on protozoan (Babesia, Theileria, Trypanosomes) and helminth parasites of animals (Parelaphostrongylus), including those found in meat (Taenia saginata). My expertise includes Bioinformatics, PCR, Pulse Field Gel Electrophoresis, gene cloning and expression, monoclonal antibody production, and various parasitological (microscopy) and immunological techniques (various). A current research area is the use of molecular techniques to generate information for use in risk assessment of foodborne pathogens.

Keywords: molecular, immuno-parasitology, typing, risk assessment, bioinformatics.