Patrick C. Hanington, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
School of Public Health
University of Alberta

357F South Academic Building
Edmonton, AB
T6G 2G7


Research Interests:

The research carried out in my lab touches on two areas that are relevant to FEPN. The first is focused on the development and validation of molecular detection assays for helminths in wastewater, biosolids, food and excreta. Our current focus is directed at development of assays that target indicator species that represent failures in disinfection or treatment processes and therefore are broadly indicative of possible contamination by parasitic helminths. Our intention however, is to extend our assay technique towards ultimately detecting numerous helminth parasites relevant to humans and agriculture in a multiplex capacity, and eventually incorporate targets that allow us to determine both quantity and viability of the parasites being assayed. The second area is focused on recreational water safety. In this project we study the transmission dynamics and host usage of digenetic trematodes found in freshwater throughout Alberta. We survey both snails and recreational water users as part of this work. Snails provide us with information related to trematode transmission potential. We solicit and provide information to recreational water users via our website (, as well as through community outreach events and seminars that are organized by various groups in Alberta.

Keywords: helminth; water; detection; quantification; assessment of viability