Neil B. Chilton, Ph.D.

Professor and Assistant Head, Department of Biology
Department of Biology, University of Saskatchewan,
112 Science Place, Saskatoon, SK; S7N 5E2


Research Interests:
My research interests in parasitology involve several inter-related disciplines (e.g. evolutionary ecology, systematics, population genetics, and molecular biology) and span from the molecular level (e.g., mutational and structural changes in DNA genes) to whole organisms (e.g., detection of cryptic species, mechanisms maintaining species distributions, mechanisms of speciation, life history strategies, host-parasite co-evolution and co-speciation, phylogeography and the population genetics of vector-borne diseases). My approach has been to use traditional and molecular techniques to examine applied problems (e.g., the identification of parasites of medical and/or veterinary importance), and fundamental questions relating to the evolutionary ecology and systematics of parasites. Although the main parasite groups of interest are nematodes and ixodid ticks, I have been involved in collaborative projects on cestodes, trematodes, protozoa and bacteria.

Keywords: Evolutionary ecology, population genetics, systematics, ticks, helminths.