Alessandro Massolo, PhD

Assistant Professor, Wildlife Health Ecology
Department of Ecosystem and Public Health
Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Calgary
Room TRW 2D24, 3280 Hospital Drive, NW,
Calgary, Alberta, T2N 4Z6


Research Interests:
My research focuses on ecology issues related to animal health assessment and population responses following environmental and climatic changes, on strategic impact assessment, and on methodologies of data investigations and analysis through an interdisciplinary approach. I am leading a Wildlife Ecology and Spatial Epidemiology Lab (WEASEL) with 3 main focuses:
  1. Climate change effects on arthropod (both vectors and ectoparasites) distribution in North-western Canada and potential consequences on wildlife populations.
  2. Climate change effects on bird reproduction (rock sparrow) and migration (common crane).
  3. Effects of landscape on urban coyote ecology and genetics, and on the maintenance and distribution of gastro-intestinal parasites in coyotes and dogs.