Centre for Disease Control and Prevention - Lab Diagnostics
Resource for the laboratory identification of parasites of public health concern.

Centre for Disease Control and Prevention - Parasite information
Detailed fact sheets on parasites of relevance in North America and for international travellers.

Public Health Agency of Canada
Infectious disease control guidelines for a variety of parasites including Cryptosporidium, Giardia, and Toxoplasma.

C-EnterNet is a multi-partner sentinel site surveillance program at Public Health Agency of Canada, which investigates food-borne and waterborne diseases and exposure. The site is home to the program’s reports, publications, sentinel site data and program contacts.

European Food Safety Authority
Features a variety of reports on zoonoses epidemiology, risk assessments, as well as food processing and inspection practices.

International Journal for Parasitology: Parasites and Wildlife
This journal publishes the results of original research on parasites of wildlife, invertebrate and vertebrate. Articles focus on various aspects of wildlife parasitology including taxonomy, biodiversity, distribution, ecology, epidemiology, population biology and host-parasite relationships. The journal is open access and articles are available to the public.

University of Pennsylvania - School of Veterinary Medicine. Parasites and parasitic diseases of domestic animals.
Introductions to a variety of parasitology-related topics and diseases grouped by parasite phylum and superfamily.

Kansas State University’s Parasite Images
This website has been providing images of human and animal parasites to its visitors since 1999. It contains over 500 images and detailed morphological descriptions of various parasites’ life cycle stages.

Protist Information Database
A server that provides more than 80,000 images of protists, with their appropriate taxonomy.

The Trichinella Page
This site contains information related to Trichinella spiralis biology, epidemiology, and clinical diagnosis. It includes research findings on all aspects of the parenteral phase of the infection based on publications by Dickson Despommier and colleagues over the last 30 years. The site also is home to Dr. Donald E. Burris’ Database of Worldwide Trichinella Literature.


World Association for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology
The site contains information of interest to scientists who study the parasites of non-human animals, encompassing helminthology, protozoology and entomology. This non-profit organizations has taken the lead in developing international harmonized standards and procedures for the evaluation of anthelmintics.

World Federation of Parasitologists
Source of links, publications and International Congress on Parasitology events.

Helminthological Society of Washington
The society was founded in 1910 in Washington D.C. and welcomes international members. The website is home to information on society news updates and meetings.

British Society of Parasitology
The British Society for Parasitology was formed in 1962 and welcomes anyone with an interest in parasitology worldwide to join. The website is a central networking and meeting point for many professional and amateur parasitologists and is an excellent resource for study, work and conference opportunities in Europe.

The American Society of Tropical Hygiene and Medicine
The site is home to the society’s peer-reviewed journal, as well as a great list of recommended readings that become public access two years after publications.

American Society of Parasitologists
Formed in 1924, the society is home to a diverse group of scientists from government, industry and academia. The website is home to the Journal of Parasitology.

Canadian Society of Zoologists, Parasitology Section
The site is an excellent resource of Canadian meetings and symposia, awards and parasitologists in Canada that work in areas FEPN does not cover. It is also home to the Tutorial on Parasitism.

Wildlife Disease Association
The WDA website contains information related to the protection of endangered species, game and furbearing animals, wildlife disease ecology, as well as ecosystem and public health. The website is regularly updated with references, reports, conference information and student resources.

Centre for Host-Parasite Interactions (CHPI)

McGill University - Institute of Parasitology

J.D. MacLean Centre for Tropical Diseases


Worm and Germs Blog: promoting safe pet ownership
Worms & Germs Blog is an educational website coordinated by Drs. Scott Weese and Maureen Anderson of the Ontario Veterinary College's Centre for Public Health and Zoonoses. The site was initial set up with the help of funding from City of Hamilton Public Health.

BarfBlog: safe food from farm to fork
This blog focuses on food safety related issues, such as information related to raw foods, restaurant inspections, food safety policies and procedures, etc.

Sigma Xi Scientific Research Society - Food safety and security in the news
Collects news articles published in the US and around the world related to food safety and outbreaks.